MWSP is proud to announce Camps/Groups for Summer 2018!!
All of our camps are led by the wonderful, Joellyn Thompson, CCC-SLP, with collaboration from our MWSP team! 
Please scroll below for details regarding these exciting summer offerings:
Delicious Discoveries Feeding Group; Social Skills Group; Little Learners Language Academy

(Apraxia of Speech Summer Intensive Information is located in our "Apraxia" page of the website)

Delicious Discoveries:
Feeding Group

*** To qualify for this feeding program, your child must be at least 3 years old and potty trained, and will need a clinical feeding evaluation by a licensed speech-language pathologist, recommending this type of feeding therapy approach for your child. Contact Meredith White Speech Pathology clinic to schedule a feeding evaluation with an SLP who is trained in the SOS Feeding Approach.

Required: 2 weeks
3 child minimum

Time of camp:

Weeks of:
June 4
June 11
June 18
June 25

Do you have a picky eater at home and mealtimes are a struggle?

Delicious Discoveries Feeding Camp may be just right for your child!

Lead by two Speech Therapists trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding, Delicious Discoveries Feeding Camp is a feeding program that integrates sensory, oral motor, cognitive, and behavioral strategies to foster developmentally appropriate feeding and mealtime skills. The treatment component of the program teaches typical developmental steps towards feeding to create a systematic desensitization hierarchy of skills/behaviors necessary for children to progress with eating various textures, and with growing at an appropriate rate for them.

Your child will:

  • Explore a variety of foods across textures in a fun, stress-free environment with other peers
  • Learn about different foods and identify properties of foods (color, shape, texture, ,taste, etc.)
  • Learn appropriate mealtime behavior within a highly structured mealtime routine
  • Learn from his/her peers within the group, as your child watches and copies what the other group participants do with the food presented (e.g., touch, smell, kiss, taste, bite, chew, swallow food).

Parents will:

  • Be educated on the SOS Feeding Approach protocol and guidelines prior to the beginning of camp
  • Be notified of the foods to bring in for their child for each group. Each group’s “menu” will consist of one preferred food for each child.
  • Receive updated progress on your child’s short term feeding objectives, outlined by a certified SLP
  • Receive daily summaries of the strategies that worked best for your child within the feeding group
  • Be notified of new foods to try at home, based on your child’s progress in accepting new foods within the feeding group
  • Receive positive and effective mealtime strategies to use at home with your child

Social Skills Summer Group

Time of camp:
Monday-Friday: 9:45am-11:15am

Preschool (3-4 years of age)
School age (5-7 years of age)

Fee: $350/week
3 student min

Preschool: Week of:
June 18
July 16

School age:
June 11
July 23

Based on the Social Thinking curriculum and led by trained and highly experienced speech-language pathologists, this daily group program is appropriate for children with social-pragmatic difficulties related to autism, apraxia of speech, sensory processing difficulties, language delays, or other social difficulties. The group will emphasize appropriate interaction with peers, while developing and maintaining meaningful friendships. 

Each session will highlight an age-appropriate social skill (e.g., personal space, creating and following a "group plan," using "Whole Body Listening" and using your "eyes, ears, and brain," to make "smart guesses," about actions, preferences and intent. We will focus on initiating conversations, maintaining conversations, accepting being told “no." Structured extension activities (e.g., arts and crafts, games, sensory/movement, music, books, and snack time) will follow the social skill lesson to provide the child with opportunities to practice and carryover the social skill.

Once registered, parents will complete a thorough social skills survey highlighting their child’s strengths and needs in expressive and receptive language skills, and social-pragmatic skills. Parents will receive a detailed summary after each session with ideas on how to carryover the social skill in the home setting.

** To qualify for this camp, campers should be able to separate from his/her caregiver easily and be potty trained to best benefit from this camp.


Little Learners Language Academy

Time of camp:
Monday-Friday:  8:30am-9:30am


Fee: $225/week
Min: 3 per group

Weeks of:
June 11
June 18
June 25
July 16


A parent-toddler language group consisting of a trained speech-language pathologist, toddlers, and their caregivers. Each session will consist of a routine, including child-directed play time using focused language strategies, art, sensory exploration, gross motor movement, songs and snack time. The speech therapist will guide each parent and toddler through early language learning strategies that are evidenced-based and easy to do at home. Parents will leave each session with handouts highlighting language strategies to practice at home with their toddler.

The group activities are based on themes such as animals, music, emotions, or seasons. These activities are designed to be fun while building vocabulary, developing important concepts, and providing more opportunities for your child to talk with peers and caregivers.

This group is designed to help families of toddlers with language delays, however any parent is welcome to register who wants to learn more about how he/she can better stimulate their toddler’s language development at home. This group will also provide parents with an opportunity to create meaningful and supporting relationships with other families with toddlers.

Each group will consist of no more than 6 families. Once a parent has registered for the group, a speech-language pathologist will be in contact with them about the speech and language concerns they have for their child.