Meredith White Speech Pathology Specializes in Social Thinking™, first in a 1:1 format, and then in group opportunities.

Social Thinking™ is an in-depth social skills and communication pragmatics program developed by award winning speech-language pathologist, Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP.

Social Thinking™ Programs Available Include:

  • Whole Body Listening Larry at Home and School
  • You are a Social Detective
  • The Incredible Flexible You™ : A Social Thinking Curriculum for the Preschool and Elementary Years.
  • Superflex Curriculum™
  • Social Thinking activities and homework.
  • A Five can Make Me Lose Control
  • Zones of Regulation

Advantages of Social Thinking™ compared to other social groups:

  •  Common vocabulary that can be used across settings
  • Curriculums for all levels of development through childhood.
  • Fun way to talk about tough topics through comic book characters
  • Easy parent carry-over at home.
  • Time tested and evidence based successful curriculum
  • Skills learned in social group generalize easily to other settings.
  • Preschool program for younger children. 
  • Typical social groups do not provide homework or vocabulary to use at home or for carry-over in other settings.